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He Already Knows…


He already knows…

He already knows the pain that you feel; He already knows the impossibilities that you are facing. He is fully aware of the worry that surrounds you and the doubt that overwhelms you…rest assured in knowing He already knows.

But here’s the kicker, He already knows that you are destined to win; He already knows that you will get back up again! He already knows the size of your bite; He already knows that you are fighting a fixed Fight! He already knows the glory that awaits you; He knows that His Grace and Mercy will carry you…rest assured in knowing, He already knows.
And this too shall pass

#ReMe He knows ❤


Moments of Despair…


There are moments when this all feels too much. Moments when I feel like it will never end. Moments when pain that doesn’t really hurt yet it bothers me with no known relief. There are times when I absolutely want to throw my hands up and say, you know what you win! And I am not sure who it is that I am speaking to as I announce my defeat. There are moments where the darkness of today just seems to be too much that I regretfully look forward to night because I know it only brings prolonged darkness. There are moments when I speak with people with a smile and all I can think about is my awful moment. Well as always the Re-Me light bulb comes on and begins to shine light on a few areas, and reminds me that it is just a moment. And no one moment lasts forever, I am encouraged.

#Re-Me it gets better ❤

Why THAT Name?


There are times when seeing THAT name makes me so afraid.
There are times when anything that reminds me of THAT name grips me with fear.
Why am I afraid of THAT name?
Because truthfully THAT name still holds power.
An unforeseen power that pulls at the very heart of me and causes me to freeze in my actions.
I am afraid as a little girl would be after being confronted with her molester, I just don’t know what to do when I see THAT name…