To blog or not to blog…

I go back and forth with myself about this blogging thing constantly. Should I blog or shouldn’t I blog? Is my writing good enough, will I attract followers? Well tonight in this moment, I don’t care! I am going to begin this journey as a blogger…

I have decided to tell of my awesome day today that was filled by the overwhelming presence of His sunshine which led to many moments of random smiles. The laughter and connection with friends who during this part of my life’s journey have no clue how much their presence and support means to me. The awesome development of character that I see daily in my son as he explained is calmness of getting off the bus today. And now my peace with finally deciding to blog! Life begins anew when we choose.

#ReMe we will be better ❤

To blog or not …


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  1. To blog or not to blog… Wow I was the only one who struggled with the idea of blogging or not lol. I’m glad you decide to share more of your awesomeness with us. Thank you.

  2. You should totally blog! It is awesome to get your feelings out or to post about something that you are passionate about. I went back and forth constantly for a while, but then I finally decided that I had nothing to lose. I could blog. If I hated it then I would stop. If I loved it I would go on. I say DO IT!

      • My friend actually said this morning how cool it was that I started to blog in a journal like fashion. It has been a year and a half and I think I have finally found the direction of my blog, but in the process it has been healing, enlightening, fun, valuable, and so much more. I don’t blog every day, but I definitely like the direction it is going.

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