It’s 11:59


It’s 11:59…and I still believe God is able to do anything. It is actually 11:59 P.M., and it is 11:59 in my life. 11:59 is that moment when your back is up against the wall, time is no longer on your side, and a supernatural act of God is the only way things will get better. It’s 11:59 and it was in this moment that Paul and Silas decided to praise God in the midst of their bondage, in the midst of what looked like a dead end. It’s 11:59 the moment where Jesus is praying desperately in the Garden of Gethsemane and He decides to complete His task of becoming the savior of the world. It’s 11:59 in someone’s life as they are battling with physical pain that won’t allow them to rest. It’s is 11:59 in someone’s life as they are battling with awful voices of deceit in their head screaming as loud as police sirens. It is actually 11:59 in my life as I stand on the verge of believing the voice of God in spite of what it looks like, feels like, and may even be…but it is in this moment that I will decide to keep believing, keep pressing, keep praising because I love the fact that 11:59, that moment of uncertainty can’t last forever. The 12:00 hour comes and brings a new beginning. A new hour of hope, one that I will start with praising Him for opportunity to deal with my 11:59.

He Already Knows…


He already knows…

He already knows the pain that you feel; He already knows the impossibilities that you are facing. He is fully aware of the worry that surrounds you and the doubt that overwhelms you…rest assured in knowing He already knows.

But here’s the kicker, He already knows that you are destined to win; He already knows that you will get back up again! He already knows the size of your bite; He already knows that you are fighting a fixed Fight! He already knows the glory that awaits you; He knows that His Grace and Mercy will carry you…rest assured in knowing, He already knows.
And this too shall pass

#ReMe He knows ❤



Sometimes I think or wonder, why am I holding on…or more importantly what the heck am I holding on to? Then I realize it’s His hand. I’m holding His hand and walking daily. Some walks are more pleasant than others and then there are those days I feel like I’m just walking. But the truth of the matter is He is always with me. He will never leave me. He will never leave me. He will never leave me! He sees me and knows I need Him most and SURELY He will never leave me. Excuse me for being repetitive, but I had to write it until I felt it!

He will never leave me and I’m encouraged in knowing He will never leave you too. So please don’t give up my friend. Find something about your walk to enjoy, but whatever you do…don’t stop walking.

#ReMe we will be better ❤

Moments of Despair…


There are moments when this all feels too much. Moments when I feel like it will never end. Moments when pain that doesn’t really hurt yet it bothers me with no known relief. There are times when I absolutely want to throw my hands up and say, you know what you win! And I am not sure who it is that I am speaking to as I announce my defeat. There are moments where the darkness of today just seems to be too much that I regretfully look forward to night because I know it only brings prolonged darkness. There are moments when I speak with people with a smile and all I can think about is my awful moment. Well as always the Re-Me light bulb comes on and begins to shine light on a few areas, and reminds me that it is just a moment. And no one moment lasts forever, I am encouraged.

#Re-Me it gets better ❤

Why THAT Name?


There are times when seeing THAT name makes me so afraid.
There are times when anything that reminds me of THAT name grips me with fear.
Why am I afraid of THAT name?
Because truthfully THAT name still holds power.
An unforeseen power that pulls at the very heart of me and causes me to freeze in my actions.
I am afraid as a little girl would be after being confronted with her molester, I just don’t know what to do when I see THAT name…


I think I am finally realizing that I am freest when I write. When I write with purpose of inspiring or uplifting others, this amazing thing happens. I am uplifted! I find inspiration in my inspiration, not being cocky but this is sooooo true. I just can’t believe this principle, isn’t it backwards. I mean shouldn’t I pray for my healing, my deliverance, my wealth…my inner Me being better? After all I am the initiator of this Re-Me deal. But the truth is my Re-Me comes from igniting the Re-Me in each of you . I know this verbiage is for the birds but oh well, because with every increase of my word count( 103 thus far…I think), something on the inside of me feels better. Did I secretly stumble upon my re-me button today without consciously knowing it…yep, I think I just did and I am feeling better!

My prayer for you my friend is that every day you fight to be a better you than you were on yesterday and in the midst of your fight, as you are trying to fix your obvious perceived challenges, may you purposefully stumble upon your Re-Me button for the day and joyfully press it. Press it and smile because you know beyond a doubt that it is working! Or perhaps this could all be due to my drinking a new flavor of coffee today, because it is bangin!!

#Re-Me we will be better ❤

Perhaps it’s the coffee


To blog or not to blog…

I go back and forth with myself about this blogging thing constantly. Should I blog or shouldn’t I blog? Is my writing good enough, will I attract followers? Well tonight in this moment, I don’t care! I am going to begin this journey as a blogger…

I have decided to tell of my awesome day today that was filled by the overwhelming presence of His sunshine which led to many moments of random smiles. The laughter and connection with friends who during this part of my life’s journey have no clue how much their presence and support means to me. The awesome development of character that I see daily in my son as he explained is calmness of getting off the bus today. And now my peace with finally deciding to blog! Life begins anew when we choose.

#ReMe we will be better ❤

To blog or not …